• Founded by formulation scientists, we merge scientific expertise with artistry to create remarkable products that inspire.

  • At Dūwi, we work hand-in-hand with emerging artists, uplifting their craft through collaborations that go beyond packaging design. Their prints, sold in person at Toronto markets, connect their art with beauty lovers who appreciate the beauty in all forms.

  • Meticulously formulated with high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge research, our range of multi-functional products is thoughtfully
    crafted to simplify routines and adapt to the dynamic lives of our generation.

  • Natural, vegan formulas

    While being natural and vegan, our formulas are science-led, prioritizing quality and efficacy.

  • sustainable

    From multi-purpose formulas to sustainably sourced ingredients to sustainable manufacturing practices, sustainability is integral to our ethos.

  • elevate artists

    Our collaboration with emerging artists for our packaging not only showcases unique designs but also uplifts their craft.